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We don't just instruct martial arts, we mentor and guide you step-by-step to gain confidence, get skills that work, and develop a winning attitude in life!

Complete Programs and Classes For Children, Teens, and Adults

Super Stars Ages: 4-5 Muay Thai Kickboxing

We don't just teach them how to kick and punch; we help your young warrior develop confidence, focus, listening, and better motor skills!

Benefits Your Super Star Will Gain:

  • Increased Self-Confidence To Overcome Shyness!
  • Better Focus and Concentration On Tasks!
  • Improved Ability To Listen And Follow Directions!
  • Bully Proof And Stranger Awareness Skills!
LEARN MORESuper Stars Ages: 4-5

Juniors Age: 6-11 Muay Thai Kickboxing

We don't just instruct your child; we mentor and guide them with a role-model approach to help them find their confidence and inner strength!

Amazing Benefits Your Child Will Gain:

  • Improved Self-Confidence!
  • Increased Focus and Concentration!
  • Self-Discipline To Finish What They Start!
  • Self-Defense Skills Against Bullies and Strangers!
LEARN MOREJunior Muay Thai Kickboxing

Teens Age: 12-17 Muay Thai Kickboxing | MMA

We help teenagers gain confidence, focus, and the self-discipline to become leaders in their life!

Some Benefits Teens Gain Through Training:

  • Confidence To Stand Up For Themselves!
  • Focus and Concentration To Improve Grades!
  • Self-Discipline To Finish What They Start!
  • Practical Self-Defense Skills That Work!
LEARN MORETeen Muay Thai Kickboxing | MMA

Adult Muay Thai Kickboxing

You bring the determination and desire; we will supply the rest!

Some Amazing Benefits You Will Get:

  • Practical Self-Defense Skills That Work!
  • Total Body Workout That Burns Calories!
  • Improved Confidence In Yourself and Your Abilities!
  • Increased Sense Of Inner Calmness and Relaxation!
LEARN MOREAdult Muay Thai Kickboxing

Adult Tactical Self-Defense | MMA

A complete, modern, and practical self-defense program that meets the demands of today's world!

Some Benefits You'll Gain Through Training:

  • Confidence In Your Skills and Abilities To Defend Yourself!
  • Preparation To Deal With Any Situation or Circumstances!
  • Know How To Respond Immediately To An Attack!
  • Modern And Practical Self-Defense Skills That Work!
LEARN MORETactical Self-Defense | MMA

Muay Thai Kickboxing | Self-Defense | MMA | Meditation For The Whole Family

Whether you are interested in martial arts just for yourself, for a child, or the whole family, we are more than just instructors. We are mentors and role-models who guide you to your fullest of potential. Our passion is teaching what martial arts has done for each of us. From beginner to expert to master your journey can start here. We teach from a traditional warrior code of values and ethics while keeping the training modern, exciting, dynamic, and fresh each session so you can build upon your skills while growing physically, mentally, and inwardly.

Meet The Instructor Coaches:

Master Jason Froehlich

Master Jason has been practicing and instructing martial arts for over 25 years. His training started off in Kickboxing, Boxing, Taekwondo, and Judo at his first school in Dickinson, North Dakota. After only a few short months training, he started assisting instructing while continuing to study martial arts, movement, and how to improve the three main areas in life centering around your physical, mental, and spiritual self. From there, he joined the Marine Corps in 1994 and spent four years serving his country. While in the Marine Corps, he had the pleasure of being selected for the All Marine Corps Taekwondo Team and represented them in his weight class from 1997-1998. After the Marine Corps, he continued his study with his Marine Coach in Muay Thai and Pankration. He continues his study in these martial arts along with his extensive study in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Doce Pares Eskrima. His passion for the external martial arts along with teaching the traditional inner arts of Zen, still meditation, and Bushido (The Way of The Warrior) along with the modern aspects of Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and Eskrima for self-defense shows each time you get instructed by him on the floor. Master Jason instructs majority of all classes, so you get the full knowledge and experience of his years studying and instructing for personal defense, overall health, inner growth, and the love of training. He is also the head coach for his Muay Thai Kickboxing Competition Team.

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Coach Kelly Datko

Ms. Kelly has been training with Master Jason for over 2 years and is also one of Master Jason's main assistant coaches. She is currently working on her Black Belt in Muay Thai Kickboxing along with her study of Pankration for self-defense. Her passion is helping out with all kids class and is an inspiration to all the students showing how to strive hard to accomplish goals. She embodies the role-model attitude of displaying tireless practice to improve yourself and your skills. She trains 5 days a week in regular classes for Muay Thai and self-defense. Outside of her regular class time she is training on the Muay Thai Kickboxing Competition Team and competes actively during the year in Muay Thai and some submission grappling. Her goal is to finish college and become a counselor for youth to inspire them to reach their fullest potential.

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Coach Kristi Hoofer

Mrs. Kelly Hoofer has been studying with Master Jason in Muay Thai Kickboxing and The Civilian Combatives Tactical Self-Defense Program for over 4 years. In Muay Thai she practices, improves, and grows her skills to deal with and end the situation if someone was to attack her while standing. In the Civilian Combatives Tactical Self-Defense Program she trains how to deal with being attacked with a knife, blunt weapon, gun, multiple attacks, and ground defensive movement with the application of offensive attacks while on the ground. She also learns the offensive application of all weapons to round out her mastery of these situations. She is a stellar example in the classroom for all students on how to direct your focused concentration into your practice and improve your skill along with using martial arts training for personal development and growth. She helps Master Jason assistant instruct with all classes and all ages in the school. She is currently a first degree Black Belt in Muay Thai Kickboxing and The Civilian Combatives Tactical Self-Defense. Her passion now in class is to continue her training and help others grow their skill and their confidence in themselves each step of the way.

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Coach Kelly Hoofer

Coach Kelly Hoofer has been training and head coaching at Folsom Martial Arts Center for over 4 years in Master Jason's Muay Thai Kickboxing and Tactical Self-Defense Program. His passion is to help others reach the same level of proficiency that he has gained through his training. His positive attitude and never give up personality is a leading role-model for others to aspire to each time they come to class. He is always trying to improve himself in his training and embraces the warrior way of "emptying one's cup" to make room for new or knowledge that can be transferred to wisdom. He likes to approach his training with full concentration in the moment and the attitude to develop the muscle memory to use all of what he learns for self-defense. Coach Kelly will be the first to show you how your training in the school can be used in all parts of your life and not just for self-protection, but for overall health and well-being. He explores all aspects of training the body, mind, and spirit in his practice on of off the mat. You will find one of the most gentle and patient warriors within this coach. His extensive training in Master Jason's Civilian Combatives Self-Defense Program gives him a full arsenal of stand up, ground, defensive tactics against armed assailants, multiple attacker work, and the full understand of Muay Thai Kickboxing for self-defense.

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Coach Craig Glaiberman

Doctor Craig Glaiberman has been training and studying Muay Thai Kickboxing for self-defense with Master Jason for over 4 years now. He started with the passion to learn something new while getting a great workout instead of going to the gym. That inner fire grew and the interest built to continue his training to get his Black Belt in Muay Thai. He received that and now assistant instructs with Master Jason in the Muay Thai Kickboxing classes and the Fitness Martial Arts, Cardio Kickboxing, and Cardio Boxing classes. He sees the great potential in each student to become something great and inspires all students to keep working toward making marital arts a habit in life. He feels that making training a part of your everyday routine will help you in many ways you can't describe nor get anyplace else. He has embraced the philosophy of the warrior and continues to develop his inner and outer self. With training he feels you can gain the confidence to do anything in life. He is an inspiration to all students of all ages and is a great role-model for you to learn from.

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Asst. Coach Alex Corral

Ms. Alex has been training with Master Jason for over 1 year now in Muay Thai Kickboxing, Pankration, and Tactical Self-Defense. As an assistant coach, she works with passion to help other students gain confidence, focus, and self-defense skills from their training. Her love is to pass along the benefits that her training has given her and to mentor each student to do their best. She is currently working on her Black Belt in Muay Thai Kickboxing along with her study of Pankration for tactical self-defense. She plans on competing in Muay Thai and MMA events. Ms. Alex embodies the role-model attitude and leadership in her training and the enthusiasm she displays on the practice floor.

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Asst. Coach A.J. Estes

Youth Asst. Coach A.J. has been training with Master Jason in the Muay Thai Kicboxing and MMA Leaders for Life Program for over 5 years now. He has worked really hard to embody the characteristics of a leader and a warrior. A.J. has improved his focus, concentration, and confidence in himself through his training. He is currently a 2nd degree Jr. Black Belt in Muay Thai Kickboxing and enjoys helping the junior students improve their skills, confidence, and focus through disciplined practiced.

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Asst. Coach Ashleigh Herek

Asst. Coach Ashleigh has been training with Master Jason in the Muay Thai Kickboxing and MMA program for a little over 3 years now and is on The FMAC Competition Team which competes in Muay Thai Kickboxing, Pankration, and No-Gi Grappling tournaments. She has put her efforts into improving her confidence and concentration through her training. She works hard to help the younger students believe in themselves and enjoys seeing them grow their skills and abilities.

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Some Of The Amazing Benefits Of Training In Martial Arts:

Higher Self-Confidence | Higher Self-Esteem | Stronger Focus | Better Concentration | Improved Listening | Mental Strength | Inner Calmness | Better Sense of Self | Positive Attitude in Life | Increased Patience | Healthier and Stronger Body | Stress and Anxiety Relief | Self-Defense Skills That Work | Better Balance and Coordination | More Body Awareness | Being a Role-Model and Leader

Read What Others Are Saying About Their Experience With Us:

We put our son Carl into Master Jason's kid's program because we wanted to help him develop self-confidence and grow stronger inwardly and outwardly as a young person. Carl was very shy and kind of hung back because it just seemed like he doubted himself. When we looked around, we were looking for something that was going to challenge Carl yet help him build his confidence in himself to use forever. The greatest thing is that Master Jason actually sat down with us in the beginning to find out what we wanted to have Carl gain and then went over the steps he would be taking to help him. As a Doctor, this is something I thought was only in the medical field. But, this was amazing because we got to know Master Jason and he got to know our family instead of us just being another number. Master Jason's program touches on each of the things that individually a young student needs help with. The character building program that went along with practical skills of self-defense is amazing to watch the students get skills they can use outside of the martial arts school.

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-Summer Youker

I was looking for a practical self-defense training that met the needs of the modern world we live in today. I wanted to know the true skill of defending myself and not just a bunch of memorized patterns or techniques. I wanted to find out how to handle any situation instinctively and immediately that was thrown at me. Master Jason's Civilian Combatives Tactical Self-Defense Program along with the stand-up striking self-defense skills in his MUAY THAI Kickboxing program did that and so much more. We cover everything from being assaulted with weapons and no weapons, power and vital target striking, grappling, and multiple attackers. I get to train in all of this in one place which makes it convenient. Not only is the self-defense training modern, but the psychological aspects of what he teaches with the traditional side of samurai training fits perfectly with today's needs. We learn so much more than just kicking and punching. We get to learn something valuable we can use in all parts of our lives. For myself, I have used more of the mental and warrior spirit elements that I learned and stay out of any situation that would require me to fight. But, if I need to protect myself or my family, I have to skill set to do that.

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-Kelly Hoofer

My husband and I checked out a number of different martial arts schools, but majority of them reminded me too much of the commercialized “cage-fighting” or UFC, and that is not what we want for our kids. My husband was adamant about looking into Folsom Martial Arts Center because we were referred to Folsom Martial Arts Center by one of my husband’s patients. The first thing that we immediately liked about Master Jason is how he teaches his students about the importance of having a successful education.

I really like how Master Jason took the time to meet with my husband and I so that we could discuss, as a family, the benefits and goals that we wanted our kids to gain through martial arts. Our meeting with Master Jason made me realize that he is unlike other instructors and this is not just like any other school.  I like that he’s not just interested in taking our money – I know that I can go to any school down the street, and they’ll put my kids in class, but they won’t take the time to really help my kids learn and grow both mentally and physically. Watching Master Jason teach class has shown me that he truly does care about honing his students’ minds and their martial arts skills.

What I found really appealing about Master Jason’s martial arts program is the way that he incorporates the mental strength and life-skills along with the physical, self-defense aspects of martial arts. I love how he combines the two and doesn’t just teach one over the other. Having Japanese ancestry, it was very important for my husband and I to find an instructor who emphasizes both the mental and physical aspects of martial arts. And when we met with Master Jason for the first time, we knew that we finally found the right place; he is really good with kids, and there’s a well-rounded balance between self defense, discipline, respect and responsibility.

Within a week of starting classes, my 6 yr old daughter, Madison, has adopted the “peacemaker” mantra. Prior to taking martial arts, Maddie was the aggressor in class, this isn’t something I’m proud of, but she was known as the bully. Since taking Master Jason’s classes, however, she has changed her old ways and is now a self-proclaimed peacemaker. A perfect example of this is when  a girl in Maddie’s class jumped on her during naptime; now, Maddie is big for her age, and in the past she would have reacted to this girl jumping on her, but she didn't do anything this time. According to her teacher, Maddie is "less and less physical with other students."

My son, Lance, is also in Master Jason’s classes and he has told me that he likes Master Jason way better than his past instructor. When I asked him why he likes Master Jason more, he replied, “Master Jason is happier, nicer and kinder than my old instructor…”

Both of my kids are really taking the life-skills worksheets to heart, and they are learning the meaning of hard work and earning something versus just being given something without working for it. I love that Folsom Martial Arts Center is not like other schools that just give away belts without the kids earning them.

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-Deanna Tsuchida

We enrolled Joshua in class about eighteen months ago and the reason we wanted him enrolled in martial arts is because I studied martial arts and I liked the aspects of focus, discipline, and confidence I got from my training. I saw how it helped me and I wanted him to have the same foundation as I grew up with. We were looking for someplace that had the mental as well as physical aspects of training. We wanted to find that place that had a great match between the program and the instructor. Discipline was an important part that we wanted him to develop and having a place that did that along with combining the physical training was very important to our choice.

I like that Master Jason incorporates the mental focus aspects of Joshua’s training to fit all parts of his life. We like the character skill elements that he is developing that crossover into other areas of his life like in school and at home. For me as a parent, it helps me use these lessons to anchor points that I am teaching him at home to explain and detail it where it will match the same lessons from martial arts and have it understood.

The skills that he is learning are enabling him to react if a bully or personal safety situation does arise and I like that he is improving in that area as well.

The changes that we have seen in Joshua are that his confidence has definitely improved. The physical side of his abilities to handle himself with other kids has improved that he can take care of himself without there being the fear of him becoming a bully or acting out of anger. His self-control has improved to know his own body awareness and abilities.

The skills that I have seen Joshua learning here help me as a parent know that Joshua will grow into the young man that I know he can be.

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-David Lasley

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